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My Collection Welcome to my site dedicated to crown caps collecting.I hope you will find the
useful information.  My name is Vyacheslav Mosyakin,  I live in Moscow, Russia.
I started collecting crown caps in 1996 from all beverages.  In 2006 I began to
collect crown caps from beer and malt beverages only.   I do not collect every
cap that I do not have.  I prefer caps from Russia, Africa, Asia, South America,
Oceania and some European countries.   All other caps I take as a supplement.
Now you can look at my collection  (please click 'my collection' option),  where
you can choose caps by countries and territories.Below you can see some new
caps in my collection.  In the left column list of countries that I am looking for.
Russia   1396
Exchange Caps Germany   1000
Exchange Partners Czech Rep.   555
Unknown Caps Poland   504
Black List USA   475
E-mail Canada   379
CC.I #449 Ukraine   338
Searching for Some new beer caps in my collection: Belgium   336
Monaco Netherlands   321
Libya Austria   310
Bangladesh Spain   257
Bermuda Isl. Lithuania   229
Ceuta Australia   228
Statistics More information and some rules: Great Britain   189
Beer Caps  10869 If you are interested in exchange caps with me,  please click "exchange" option
where you will see my exchange caps. If you have found something interesting,
please save the image and send me  your selection  and  your exchange scans.
I always send my caps by registered mail. Now I not to change with collectors,
who want send me caps by unregistered mail.It's my rule.Russian postal service
very badly works so unregistered packages are lost.    I also hope you can help
identify my unknown caps (please click "unknown caps" option).   but I want to
see photo of the bottle or label.other information I do not trust.
I keep my caps in wooden boxes 350x350x10mm.  They are stored in cupboard
holding each 130 boxes.  Every box has a capacity of 120 used caps.  All caps
sorted by countries and territories. Caps for sending to other country I pack in
cardboard and stretch to avoid deformation on the way. If you have questions
or suggestions send me mail and I will try to quickly answer to you.I would like
to thank everybody who helps me to enrich my collection.
Brazil   183
Europa  7590 Italy   175
America  1721 Denmark   168
Africa  330 France   152
Asia  943 Finland   143
Oceania  286 China   136
Countries  172 Belarus   127
Territories  10 Venezuela   123
Site Switzerland   120
Created     1.10.2006 Latvia   119
Updated  24.03.2013 Kazakhstan   116
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